Why Pick a Master of Public Health?

The public health field is full of opportunities for career advancement. Spending over twenty percent of the United States’ GDP is expected to rise by 2025, and it employs more people than any other industry. In addition, the health industry is constantly changing due to new technologies. Public health is one way to study these changes and gain the necessary skills to lead a healthy life. You can apply your knowledge to help create solutions to problems facing people today.

A Master of Public Health degree can be expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Even though you’ll be competing with other graduates with the same degree, you’ll have the chance to earn a highly competitive salary. Additionally, you’ll have more career options after graduating, thanks to a strong base of knowledge. Furthermore, public health graduates often enjoy a challenging career, combining their expertise in a wide variety of fields.

In addition to career options, a Master of Public Health degree opens the door to higher salaries. Salaries for professionals with this degree vary according to industry, location, and experience. According to a recent survey by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, 2019-2020 graduates earned an average salary of $83,801 USD. Those with a Masters of Public Health can work in governmental public health agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and private organizations. While salaries for professionals with this degree vary widely, some common positions include occupational and environmental health specialists, biostatisticians, health educators, and health economists.

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