Why domain authority is so important for successful SEO

Many SEOs know that the domain or website itself plays an important role in SEO as well. Of course, Domain Authority is one of the metrics of a website, much like Quality and Popularity ratings first. 

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To see the ranking on the search engine page (SERP) in the Search engine, if the Domain Authority score is high, our SEO position will definitely not be bad.

Why is that? Why?

That’s because having a Domain Authority score can be translated as Our website is reliable and has high quality to attract Users to access or choose to be a source of reference or mention.

When there are many external links coming in, the algorithm can quickly rank our website. The longer we create related pages for Users, the more Domain Authority scores will increase.

If we look at building a high Domain Authority score, it is a part that will help boost SEO rankings as well. SEO will improve as well. In other words, Domain Authority scoring is a part of making website content based on SEO principles.

Therefore, we can use the DA score to refer to the backlinking part of how many mentions we have. and who is it that is said to refer to us?

Including being able to capture ways to create more backlinks, for example, people like to talk about us on this matter. We offer more such stories. May have to penetrate or increase the volume in order to have more credibility until it is accepted in that regard and will continue to be referred from other places as well. In this way, more people will come in and push SEO rankings higher. too

But even so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a low DA score means that your SEO ranking will always be low. Meow, it also depends on other factors. There isn’t much competition. You don’t need a high Domain Authority score to be on the first page as well.

While it’s true that Domain Authority counts on a 1-100 scale, it doesn’t have the best measurable average or anything like that. There is no limit on whether this score is high, medium or low because if using Domain Authority as a measure The website that will be ranked as the highest score would probably escape popular websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or news websites that have a large number of users instead of specialized websites like us. are doing Read more “list your business in the” “free and paid submission to the” “add your site” statistics

So, to find out what a good Domain Authority Score is, you need to measure it against your competitors. because the average in each market or type of website is not equal

If it’s an e-commerce website, it can’t compete with informational websites that focus on content presentation. The best is to compare with competitors and compete on the same type of website. If the Domain Authority score is higher then it is good.

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