What Do You Hate the Most About Going to an Auto Repair Shop?

One of the worst parts of having your car repaired at an auto repair shop is not knowing how much it will cost. The majority of respondents say they are overcharged. And this number has been steadily increasing over the past four years. Despite this, the survey reveals that women tend to dislike going to the repair shop even more than men. This could be because the process for determining repair costs is not transparent for women

Sometimes, mechanics make mistakes. You should be honest with your mechanic. Sometimes they’ll mistakenly cause more damage than you realize. A good mechanic will explain any mistakes or issues upfront, and don’t try to hide anything. If the cost of your repairs suddenly skyrocket, that’s a warning sign of a shop’s mistake. In such cases, it’s better to find a different mechanic.

Another common mistake is paying more than necessary for routine maintenance. While this is perfectly acceptable if you’re following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, some shops use this excuse to try to charge more than they should. Bringing your own parts to an auto repair shop could mean paying for a much higher cost than you’d have to pay elsewhere. This can also be a sign of an unsatisfactory experience.

One of the worst things about auto repair shops is making repairs without your approval. Often, these shops charge you for small repairs, such as changing a light bulb during a safety inspection. Another problem is that they refuse to follow your request and only approve repairs that are under warranty. You can request low cost repairs and avoid the high costs by making sure the repair shop you go to follows the policy.

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