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What Are the Problems in Home and Office Furniture?

As the cost of energy continues to rise, how can you keep up with the demands of a fast-paced, high-tech, office world? With an average working day lasting about 40 hours, the furniture industry has been forced to pivot its focus away from the standardized office set-up and toward more flexible and stylish designs that appeal to individual tastes. Companies like BDI, which sells high-end office furniture, have re-imagined their products to adapt to tight spaces and changing work environments. Some of these new products include a side table that doubles as a laptop desk, a workstation that turns into a buffet at night, and a lift-top coffee table.

American companies discard 110 million pieces of household furniture each year, and only 1% of these items are recycled. Even if they do make it to a recycling facility, very few pieces reach that destination. Brand-name household furniture manufacturers, like Ikea, have been called out for their environmentally unsustainable practices. However, companies such as these are taking action to combat these issues by implementing sustainability plans. However, these plans are only a partial answer to the problems.

A good quality office desk or chair can improve the quality of your work day. Properly crafted, ergonomic furniture will help employees move and sit properly without causing strain to their backs or lower backs. However, the first step in purchasing new home or office furniture is to consider your space. This will ensure that you have ample room for work, and that you can buy the best quality furniture that will suit your needs.

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