Ukiyo-E – A Japanese Genre of Painting

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese genre of painting that captures the hedonistic mood of the time. It originated in the Edo period and was primarily drawn by artists who were employed by the court nobles and samurai. Its popularity began to spread among merchants and other wealthy people.

Before the Edo period, ukiyo-e was used as a description of a struggling and transient world, compared to the “Pure Land” (heaven) that was believed to be a place for solitary worship. However, as the Tokugawa Shogunate unified Japan and Edo began to experience stability and development, ukiyo-e became known for its hedonistic spirit starwikibio. It eventually captured the hearts of the great Impressionists, including Van Gogh, who had a deep appreciation for the art of ukiyo-e. These artists studied ukiyo-e and were able to create beautiful paintings using this style of art.

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