Suffered a work-related injury in Richmond: Inform your employer

Following a work injury in Richmond, you need to seek medical care without further day. Injured workers in Virginia have certain rights, including the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. It doesn’t matter how the accident happened or whether you were responsible for causing it; you can file a claim. The benefits or compensation that you get is dependent on several factors, including the kind of injury you have endured. Your best resource is a skilled and experienced Richmond workers’ comp lawyer who can guide you about the possible aspects. One of the initial steps is to inform your employer, and here are some essential aspects that need your attention.

Know the requirements

As an injured worker, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act requires you to inform your employer about the injury. You have the duty to do so in writing, and there is a window of 30 days from the date of your injury/accident or the diagnosis of an occupational disease. Unfortunately, many workers fail to report their injuries for varying reasons. While some are just concerned because they don’t want to appear weak or believe that the injuries are not serious, others just assume that they will be fired from the job. Filing an injury report is absolutely essential, and you should do that without delay Infosportsworld.

Please note that you still have the right to recover the expected benefits if you fail to report the injury on the same day as it happened.

You still cannot sue your employer

For most circumstances, an injured worker can’t sue their employer for a work-related injury or illness. The workers’ compensation system allows workers to recover benefits that will help cover the losses, including the cost of medical care, but they don’t have a case against the employer. Also, recovering a settlement directly from your employer won’t be the easiest thing. You are dealing with a financial strain at the moment, and it only makes sense to get the money now. Sometimes, you may have a valid third-party claim, so you need to see a workers’ compensation lawyer to know what the claim is worth and whether you have other things to consider.

Dealing with the insurance company is another uphill task, and don’t assume that the adjuster is looking out for you. Let your lawyer take care of the claims process, the critical paperwork, and negotiate every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim Thebirdsworld.

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