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When it comes to the best Hollywood actors, Sean Penn has made his mark not only in acting, but he is also a very good director. While his direction is also one of a kind, here we will discuss some of the best films with Sean Penn’s phenomenal acting.

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Despite his short stature, Warwick Davis has managed to accumulate a significant net worth over the years.

This Must Be the Place

This Must Be the Place is a drama/mystery film that revolves around a former rock star Cheyenne. He lives in Ireland and at 50 years of age Cheyenne still dresses the part. He earns through some smart investments and receives dividends for a living. Well, he returns to New York after hearing about his father’s demise and upon getting there, he finds out that his old father wished to hunt back a Nazi war criminal. Cheyenne decides to fulfil his father’s wish and sets out to look for the guy across America.

I am Sam

I am Sam is a drama film that revolves around the lives of a mentally challenged father Sam Dawson, and his daughter Lucy. He tries to raise his daughter alone with the assistance of a bunch of unique friends when his wife abandons him and his daughter. As Lucy grows up and passes the age of 7, she starts getting sensible and is intellectually mature than her father, things start to get challenging for the two and the situation catches the eye of a social worker who determines to place Lucy under the care of more mature parents.

21 Grams

The movie 21 Grams has is a drama crime film that has a straightforward narrative style masstamilan. The story revolves around a group of troubled individuals who find themselves interconnected with one another. The protagonist Paul Rivers is a patient of terminal heart condition and he meets with a life changing car accident, which is surprisingly not related to his ailment. The accident involves the husband of Cristina Peck and an ex-con Jack Jordan. It ruins messes up their lives but also resurrects them in a way.

The Game

The Game is a thriller/mystery film that revolves around Conrad and his brother Nicholas Van Orton. When the estranged Conrad arrives returns to his brother on his birthday, he comes along with a strange gift. Conrad insists his brother on participating in a personalized real life game. His brother is reluctant at first, but upon insisting, he agrees. While the game seems to be harmless at its initial level, it grows to become more and more personal and twisted. As he eludes agents from the game, Orton begins to fear for his life, and it is up to him to find the answers.

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is a crime drama film that revolves around the death row prisoner Mathew Pocelet who is serving sentence for the murder of a young couple. As his execution date gets nearer, Mathew Pocelet reaches out to Sister Helen Prejean for a final appeal. The two begin to bond as sister Prejean visits the families of the victims and Pocelet’s in order to gain more insight and knowledge on the case. She does all she can in order to console him and to help him gain salvation.


Milk is a drama romance film that revolves around the lives of Harvey Milk, and his lover Scott Smith, who move to San Francisco to New York in the year 1972 to order to find meaning in life. He settles in Castro District running a camera shop in the determination to transform the area into a home-like safe space for gays and lesbians. He becomes the nation’s first gay man to be elected and working in a notable public office with the Board of Supervisors in the year 1977. The year after, Milk is killed by Dan White in cold blood.

Mystic River

Mystic River is a crime drama film that revolves around the investigation of the murder of ex-con Jimmy Marcus. He finds out that two of his neighbourhood friends from childhood are involved. A blue-collar worker Dave has seen her last, and the homicide detective Sean investigates the case. While Sean carries out his investigation, Jimmy does not sit still and does his own investigation, after which he finds out that Dave is the suspect. After finding out about Dave, Jimmy takes decides to get justice himself.

Fair Game

The film Fair Game is thriller drama that revolved around the story of a Valerie Plame who is a mother and wife and also secretly a CIA agent. Valerie’s secret is leaked to the press, including her family and friends when there is a controversial article regarding the sale of Uranium to Iraq in The New York Times written by her husband Joseph Wilson. With the dangers surrounding the people in Valerie’s life and her identity blown, her personal life as well as career take a different turn.

The Professor and the Madman

The Professor and the Madman is a historical drama that is based on Simon Winchester’s book ‘The Surgeon and Crowthorne’. The story revolves around Professor James Murray as he works on the compilation of the Oxford English Dictionary in the 19th century. As he leads the overseeing committee, Professor receives over 10,000 entries from Dr William Minor who is a patient at the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum.

Final Words

Sean Penn is one of the greatest actors we have come across in terms of acting and the mind-blowing characters that he has played. We have seen him playing roles in all kinds of genres and all of his works are flawless.

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