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This year’s National basketball association season is starting and going well. At the same time, the results are quite unbelievable, as every team is playing with double energy. Here we have brought another article on exciting and thrilling NBA results from 2022-23.

So let’s not waste further and get to the topic right away,

NBA’s ongoing season:

The 77th season of the National basketball association started on 18 October and is still in progress. So let’s delve into some breathtaking fixtures results as follows,

1.  Sant Antonio Spurs vs. Philadelphia:

It was the third consecutive loss for Philadelphia as the Spurs made their way to victory. Mcdermott made four three-pointers and 14 points in the second half. It helped the Spurs to get on top with 114 points. Philadelphia played an attacking game but didn’t get all of it, as they were just nine points behind until the end.

Philadelphia didn’t even get a home advantage because the opponents were too good. Sant Antonio was super efficient with both attacking and defending. This strategy helped them to force the other team into 12 turnovers and limited the second-chance point to 14.

Devin Vassell was the main hero of that night for the spurs, scoring 22 points in total. And keldon Johnson also played his part with 21 points in this match. On the other side, Joel Embiid was quite unbelievable with his strategies, scoring 40 points. But his scores didn’t help the team to lead the spurs at any time.

2. Dallas Mavericks and New Orlean pelicans:

This match has created so much hype in the news feed and television. Spectators enjoy the way both teams established the game with prominent attacking. This match was played on 25 October in New Orleans. The home court made a good advantage for the pelicans as they managed to steal the match.

In this match, Alverado set a fiery tone from the start, which helped the team make more points. Trey Murphy was the one who made 22 points in total, and eight players scored more than ten points each. The Mavericks were leading the game at some instant in the fourth quarter.

But it changed the scenario when Mccollum made a 7-0 run. His step-back jumper from 16 feet helped them to take the lead, and the game became tight. Moreover, the pelicans scoring percentage in this match was 57%, whereas the Mavericks lacked little.

In total Pelicans made 113 scores, and the Mavericks were two points short of it. It was a tough win for the Pelicans, but now they lead the tournament with the third position in the western conference.

3. New york knicks and Detroit pistons:

The knicks secured an easy win at the end, as they were thirty points ahead of the Pistons. In this match Julius Randle made 36 points in the whole match. This 36-point inning was the highest of this season. In this match, he made seven rebounds and five assists as he was 14 for 24 from the field.

But his high-score innings didn’t help the team because Knits were too impressive on the court. This win by the knicks was the second longest win streak against a specific team in the series. In 1980, bad boys were the first to beat new york 12 straight times.

You couldn’t expect any better from a team playing in another team’s home. In the new york’s team, Quentin grimes, RJ barrett, and Jalen Brunson scored 16 points each. It was a one-sided match, as new york knick’s points have shown us.


NBA results from this season are coming quite unbelievably. Almost all teams are showing class on the court and trying to steal as many matches as possible. So stay tuned on the NBA’s official website to watch more exciting matches.

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