Make your feet smooth and soft with cracked foot cream.

The feet are one of those organs that we don’t pay much attention to. But there are often problems because many people like to wear high heels and sandals. open toe shoes Cool the heels until the skin in the area is dry and cracked. The factors mentioned above are very common among office workers. Or use the feet to work, such as walking, running, exercise that mainly uses feet. In addition, people who are overweight can cause cracked heels as well. Cracking of the heel is something that causes us to lose a lot of confidence, but if it is accompanied by pain, we need to treat it immediately. because it may cause complications Nowadays, there is not only hand cream only because there is also a “foot cream” as well. Not taking care of your feet will make the skin on your feet thicker and rougher if you use foot cream regularly. will help the skin of the feet Soft and smooth Also, heel cream will add moisture to the skin in that area and help relieve cracked heels better.

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Although there are many skin care products. Whether it’s body lotion, cream and lotion for dry skin, lotion for tanning, white lotion as well as lotion with sunscreen. But these products cannot be used to nourish the skin or reduce cracks on the feet. We all know that our feet carry the heavy weight of our bodies and carry us from place to place on a daily basis. Therefore, feet deserve special love and care. Therefore, foot creams are quite necessary for us. Because it can help restore healthy skin and make your feet beautiful again. It also heals cracked heels and rejuvenates feet by removing dead skin cells.

Causes of dry feet and cracked heels

The heel absorbs shock when your foot hits the ground. By doing this, the skin on your feet will become dry and cracked. Many people may have dry, cracked skin on their feet that bleeds. This is very difficult to take care of. Remember that the skin on the heels must always be soft in order for us to live our normal life. And you, what is the cause of dry feet and cracked heels? If you don’t know, we have the answer for you.

– Dry skin. Many people have naturally dry skin. If this is you, your skin needs deep hydration and nourishment.

– Cold Weather Winter is the worst time for your feet. Low humidity conditions cause the body to lose fluid too quickly. Skin becomes dry and irritated easily and itches. The heels will eventually crack.

– Standing for too long. Standing too long will put pressure on your heels and cause cracks. especially if you wear high heels You need heel pads to distribute the weight evenly and reduce the pressure on your heel.

– Obesity. Feet take all our weight and if you are obese your feet will weigh more and may crack your heels.

– Aging. Aging doesn’t mean you have to have cracked heels. But when I get older The skin produces less natural oils, which in turn moisturizes the skin less.

– Excessive exposure to water Excessive exposure of your feet to water can cause the skin to lose its natural oils and cause dryness and cracking. Taking a bath for too long Soaking your feet or soaking your feet in chlorinated water can all cause dry feet and cracked heels.

How to choose the best foot cream to solve the problem of cracked and peeling feet

1. The condition of the feet

– Dry feet, lack of moisture If you have dry feet, choose an oil-based cream like Vaseline, glycerol, or shea butter to keep your feet softer for longer. Because cracked heels are most often caused by the loss of water and oil in the skin itself.

– Broken and sore feet For these types of feet, choose a foot cream that contains urea. Urea is a type of medication that is applied topically to moisturize the skin and help the dead skin cells to slough off. So it can be applied very well to the feet, but urea-containing creams are also very dangerous because if the cream is used continuously for too long, it can cause the epidermis to become thinner. Therefore, before use, read the label carefully. To prevent allergic reactions.

2. Ingredients

We recommend choosing a foot cream with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides if your heels are severely cracked. Choose peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil. and other restorative and antibacterial ingredients to make the foot cream repair your skin and help heal cracked feet. Luronic that is easily absorbed into the skin. Avoid foot creams that clog pores, such as petroleum jelly and dimethicone. To keep your feet hydrated for a long time and prevent them from cracking.

3. Symptoms and appearance of heels

If you have very dry skin, you need to find a foot cream that contains ingredients that can treat your symptoms. Some creams use chemicals while others use natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil. It’s important to note that if your feet aren’t too dry, an antifungal spray may be more effective than a cream. But if you are suffering from foot pain There are many creams with added ingredients that can help manage your pain while also fighting inflammation. However, pain can be a result of many different environments. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure that the foot cream you are buying can effectively deal with the pain you are having.

4. Absorbs quickly, does not flow greasy

You must buy a foot cream that is easily absorbed into the skin and works instantly. A good foot cream can begin to heal dry skin in just a few days. Therefore, fast-absorbing and fast-acting creams are the best. This is very important because there is nothing worse than a greasy foot cream that will not only ruin your socks and stockings. but also leave residues Look for a foot cream formulated with a non-greasy formula to keep your clothes and skin free of residue.

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