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Is Ice Cream a Food Or a Drink?

While ice cream is a common treat associated with summer and the beach, it actually has a worldly history. It is often mistaken for a drink, but ice cream actually contains a lot of nutrients. Dairy products contain calcium, and ice cream is rich in the latter. This helps strengthen bones. So is ice cream a drink or a food?

In the second half of the 20th century, ice cream began becoming popular throughout the world. As refrigeration became affordable, ice cream vendors competed for consumer preference by offering a variety of flavors. One restaurant chain, Howard Johnson’s, marketed its “world of 28 flavors” and another, Baskin-Robbins, boasted that their ice cream is available in over a thousand varieties.

In the nineteenth century, the first ice cream recipe came from a French confectioner, who dubbed herself the “queen of ices.” Marshall was an advocate of bringing a taste of icy delight to the middle classes. She published four books on the topic and gave lectures. She also advocated the use of liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. In 1926, the FDA approved a new standard for ice cream containing at least 10% milk fat.

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As a food, ice cream can be enjoyed with a spoon or eaten from edible wafer cones. It can be incorporated into other desserts, such as ice cream cakes. Another example of an ice cream cake is the Baked Alaska. There are many variations on ice cream, and ice cream is available in all forms of dessert. There are even more ways to enjoy this decadent treat than just eating it on its own.

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