How to improve my bench press – Power lifting

Whether you like it or not, the bench press is most likely the most popularised lift in the gym. And it’s frequently the first and only lift on which people want to know your numbers.

This is for a good reason. It’s one of the best upper-body exercises for size and strength. As a result, it should be a regular part of your routine.

However, it is also the one lift where people tend to quickly plateau. And the most difficult to improve in terms of strength. This is unfortunate given the strong positive relationship between bench press strength and size.

Listed below are some of the ways to increase the bench press:

1) Bench More and More

The first and most important tip for improving your bench press is to simply bench more frequently. Because benching is an acquired skill. And, as with any skill, the more you practice it, the quicker it will improve. That is, if you want to improve your bench press, you should divide your bench press sets up over several benching days. Rather than doing all of your benching sets on the same day. This significant increase in your bench press is most likely due to the improved skill acquisition and motor learning that comes from benching more frequently.

Although the previous studies matched volume, another advantage of benching more frequently is that it allows you to fit in more benching volume per session. Because you have more days to devote this volume.

This is advantageous because research shows that increased weekly bench press volume is associated with faster strength gains. And, as a result, would most likely provide an additive effect on top of the benefits of simply benching more frequently.

2. Divide your weekly bench press sessions into multiple sessions.

To begin, you can begin benching more frequently by dividing your weekly bench sets into multiple sessions. So, instead of doing 6 sets of bench press on chest day once a week, divide it up into 2 or 3 days per week. You can do so by using the upper/lower or full body splits listed below.

3. Boost Your Benching Volume

Then, in addition to adding extra bench days, gradually increase your benching volume from where it is now. Assume you’re currently doing 6 sets of bench press per week, divided into 2 upper body workouts per week. You can accelerate your strength gains by adding 1-2 more sets of bench presses every week. Eventually, add an extra bench day to accommodate the extra sets.

4. Warm-ups Properly

Warming up on the treadmill is out, and warming up with movements specific to the exercise you’re performing is in. Instead of going to the cardio zone for a casual jog, go to the weights room and warm up with the bench press. This not only warms up the specific muscles you’ll be training, but it also prepares your body for the movement and weight you’ll be using.

5. Don’t Stretch Before Lifting

For a long time, stretching before a workout was considered a must-do, but research now shows that this is not optimal for your performance in the weight room.

According to one study, static stretching before weight lifting causes a significant reduction in strength, even in stretches lasting 45 seconds or less.

Another study discovered that static stretching before exercise reduced strength in lower and upper body exercises in both trained and untrained men.

If you want to be at your best the next time you workout, skip the stretching until afterward.

6. If You Fail At The Beginning:

If you just can’t get the weight off your chest (but don’t mind the lockout), you need to become more explosive at the start of the movement. Dave Tate suggests incorporating explosive pressing. This is referred to as “Dynamic Effort” training later in this article.

7. If You Are Unable To Complete The Lockout:

If this is the case, your triceps strength (or lack thereof) may limit your success. To build the necessary triceps strength, perform a combination of heavy close-grip presses and triceps extensions.

Choose a weak spot on your bench and make it a training priority.

These are some of the tips to boost up one’s bench press. Looking for more information regarding your exercise routine then you can contact Indian gym coach online.

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