HealthTap’s Role in Healthcare Education for the Public

HealthTap is a virtual-first, affordable urgent- and primary-care clinic that offers top-quality physician care nationwide to Americans with or without insurance. Our user-friendly apps and electronic medical record apply Silicon Valley standards to effectively engage consumers and doctors online for increased equity, accessibility and efficiency in ongoing medical care.

1. Educating Patients

HealthTap has revolutionized the healthcare experience by providing universal access to high-quality, affordable urgent and primary care at scale and in real time. Combining proprietary technology with a network of U.S. board-certified doctors, they provide virtual doctor visits to anyone at any time.

They offer free online and mobile medical information, as well as a range of tools to help people better understand their health. This data is sourced from more than 140,000 U.S.-licensed physicians in good standing (licensed physicians with active disciplinary actions are not admitted into the network).

HealthTap and its partners provide this free service to improve the lives of millions around the world. It acts as a bridge between patients and doctors, increasing equity and accessibility in America – especially for young and elderly populations who often lack access to traditional healthcare services.

2. Educating Doctors

HealthTap is revolutionizing healthcare to deliver a customer-friendly experience, improving both patient and doctor experiences while saving time and cutting costs. Their doctor-trained augmented intelligence system assists users in accessing the care they require, enabling them to connect with doctors efficiently at scale.

HealthTap’s Medical Expert Network, an expansive community of over 90,000 U.S. board-certified physicians, allows people to ask free questions and get real answers from real doctors by text, phone or video. Members can order prescriptions for delivery or lab tests as well as book follow-up appointments all from one convenient place.

HealthTap has been dedicated to the healthcare industry since its founding in 2006. As a virtual-first, affordable urgent and primary care clinic, it offers top-quality physician care nationwide – without insurance required – using proprietary technology and its network of certified doctors. It offers 24/7 access to virtual doctor visits with wait times under a minute across North America with over 100,000 completed virtual doctor visits to date.

3. Educating the Public

HealthTap has revolutionized how people around the world take care of their health and wellbeing, connecting millions to trusted medical information and doctors. Its top-rated web and mobile apps offer instant access to personalized health guidance along with free online and mobile answers from a network of over 71,000 U.S. licensed doctors – making it the go-to choice for healthcare consumers everywhere films lifeline hospital.

The company uses its proprietary augmented intelligence system to direct users towards the most suitable healthcare providers and services. The HealthTap app is used by employers, insurance companies, health systems, and individuals around the world.

HealthTap uses doctor-trained artificial intelligence to match users with the ideal healthcare provider, from query to cure. They offer both Urgent Care and ongoing Primary Care in real-time and scale, while adhering to HIPAA compliance for added security when texting or video chatting with a healthcare professional. Their cutting-edge app leverages virtual care, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence in an affordable yet accessible way so users can get relevant healthcare at their convenience.

4. Educating Policymakers

HealthTap’s mission is to promote people’s health and well-being by offering free online and mobile answers from thousands of the top physicians in America. Their augmented intelligence system guides users towards appropriate care while providing instant connections to doctors and their expertise.

HealthTap is a leading virtual healthcare provider, providing telehealth virtual care through web and mobile apps to individuals, employers, insurance companies and health systems in 170 countries. Millions of consumers rely on HealthTap for free access to U.S. licensed physicians through video conferences, phone calls and text chats.


HealthTap has designed a virtual visit flow that integrates various services and supports from the doctor to the patient. The system can connect patients to an on-board doctor for online consultations, order prescriptions for delivery or lab tests, schedule follow-up appointments and send personalized reminders about taking medications daily or going to the gym bitsandboxes.

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