Can You Claim Compensation For An Injury Because Of Your Own Fault?

If you are in the driver’s seat, you must drive carefully. Lots of lives are at stake while driving a car. You have to ensure passengers in the back seat, commuters, and other drivers shouldn’t be at risk because of you. Driving is a responsible task and requires focus and concentration.

If you have suffered an injury because of someone else’s rash driving, you can claim compensation. But what will you do if you were in the driving seat and your car collided with another vehicle head-on?

You Crashed Your Car Head-On, What Next?

Accidents occur within a spurt of a moment. It’s not easy to determine who was faulty without hiring expert professionals. Every accident case differs from others. The circumstantial evidence can be different along with the time and place of the accident. All these things make an accident case difficult to solve.

Even if you know an accident occurred because of your own mistake, get in touch with Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm for help. You need to disclose everything to your Summerlin-based attorney. Your lawyer will then take the appropriate legal action to help you seek compensation from the insurance company. The attorney can also prove the car mishap occurred because of an unintentional driving error.

What Does Nevada’s Comparative Negligence Law Say?

Nevada’s comparative negligence law clearly says that if the driver’s fault is up to 49%, he can claim damages. Whatever the final compensation amount he gets, the court will reduce a certain amount in proportion to the victim’s liability for the mishap.

For example, in an accident case, you are responsible for 49% of the accident. You can still win the case. Suppose you receive $100000 as compensation. Now, the court will reduce 49% of it before handing you the compensation amount. So, you will get $51000 only in such a case.

How to Determine Who Was At Fault?

Following a mishap in Summerlin or anywhere in Nevada, it is extremely difficult to determine who was at fault. Only the cops and attorneys can interpret and cite various statutes or relevant laws to fix accountability.

It goes through the process of investigation, assessing the damages caused to the vehicles, and analyzing statements of witnesses. At the same time, the personal injury of the victim and relevant CCTV footage are also examined.

After a thorough process of deliberation, arguments, and citing relevant evidence, accountability is fixed. Eventually, after hearing both the parties—defendant and plaintiff—the honorable court delivers its judgment.

In Conclusion

The court’s judgment is binding upon all parties. But if you are sure that the accident didn’t occur because of your fault only, you can stay relaxed. Nevada’s comparative negligence law is helpful to victims as it offers them a chance to claim monetary compensation even if there was a slight mistake on their part. Call your attorney now to know more about Nevada’s traffic laws and comparative negligence statute.

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